Publications and Organizations Promoting Radical Social Change

A.J. Muste Memorial Institute
Named after one of the primary mentors in my own life, the source of grants for grass roots groups, and of literature. It is not a membership organizaiton.

American Friends Service Committee
Has several regional offices and maintains a range of programs to cope with domestic and international problems. It is not a membership organization.

Catholic Worker
Radical pacifist organization with which Dorothy Day was associated. I'm lucky - two of the CW houses are within a few blocks from where I live. The CW ministers to the poor and homeless, has CW houses across the country. It is more radical than me - for those who choose to live communally and in voluntary poverty. I'm always honored when members of the CW drop by my apartment.

Citizen Soldier
A place where veterans or active members of the US military can find help. Not a membership organization
but of great help to those in the military.

Committees of Correspondence  for Democracy & Socialism
Formed in 1991 by my friend, the late Gil Green, Angela Davis, and others who left the Communist Party to establish a socialist group committed to democracy. It permits dual membership in the Socialist Party & is one of the socialist groups to which I belong.

Democratic Socialists of America
Another of the three socialist groups to which I belong. It is a membership group, and publishes material on democratic socialism.

Fellowship of Reconciliation
The national office is in Nyack, New York, and there are local FOR groups around the nation. Founded during World War I, this is a membership organization for religious pacifists, and maintains an active program of literature and local groups.

Jewish Voice for Peace
A center for democracatic activists inspired by Jewish tradition to work for peace, social
justice, and human rights. It seeks an end of Israeli Occupation of the West Bank, the Gaza strip, and east Jerusalem. It supports Israeli refuseniks.

Socialist Party USA
The historic American Socialist Party of Eugene V. Debs and Norman Thomas, and one of the three US socialist groups to which I belong.It has a number of locals and a publication.

Originally had roots in the Trotskyist movement but is committed to a grassroots and democratic approach to socialism. It is a  membership group. I'd belong to it, if I could afford the dues (on social security three socialist group is about my limit). Has local groups, publishes a magazine, and is active in labor.

War Resisters League
A membership group, and one for which I worked for 39 years. It has a number of local
groups, takes part in coalition work, and has a publication. It represents secular and radical pacifism, and includes a number of people
who resist war taxes.

Witness Against Torture
A campaign to close Guantanamo and end torture.


There are many excellent publications - too many to list. The following, however, represent a radical and democratic approach to politics.

Against the Current
A publication of the socialist group Solidarity

Catholic Worker
Monthly publication.  No web site. Write: 36 E. First St., NYC 10003 or phone: 212 : 254.1640

Dollars and Sense
Loosely speaking, a Marxist approach to economics, serious, not sloganeering.

monthly publication of the Fellowship of Reconciliation,

The Nation
Weekly progressive magazine

New Politics
Twice or more a year, democratic, left socialist

The Other Israel
Voice of Israelis in opposition to the policies of the Israeli government. Democratic, generally pacifist or anarchist.

An excellent electronic source, originating  loosely out of the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism. Not too much traffic,  politically sound and helpful.

The Progressive

The Socialist
published by the Socialist Party,

WIN magazine
Bi-monthly publication of the War Resisters League
Edge Left
Radical political analysis and critical reflections from David McReynolds